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Peoples Vaccine Inquiry

Posted on 8th July 2024

The Peoples Vaccine Inquiry is a website containing the testimonies of a number of expert witnesses concerning the Covid Vaccines. Not something I might normally post, but I consider it important. Especially as the mainstream media continue to deliver a upbeat message on vaccine efficacy. The topic of vaccination is a minefield as I covered Read More

Homeopathy for Stress and Anxiety

Posted on 24th June 2024

Can Homeopathy help with the stress and anxiety of big events like examinations? Well, yes it can. As we reach the summer solstice, I now realise that I should have written this blog a little earlier (sorry!) as the exam season is almost over. It will come around again. In any case stressful events are Read More

Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy

Posted on 10th June 2024

Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy may be unfamiliar subjects, but nonetheless are very pertinent to modern times. The Society of Homeopaths was honoured to listen to pediatrician Dr Micheala Glöckler at their recent conference in London. German born Dr Glöckler now lives in Switzerland and has a deep passion for Applied Anthroposophy and the availability of Read More

Homeopathy for Urinary Tract Infection

Posted on 22nd May 2024

The use of homeopathy for uncomplicated urinary tract infection or UTI is the subject of this article. It is a condition more common in women due to the relatively short urethra (tube from the bladder to the outside). A common name for this type of infection is Cystitis. Urinary tract infection and retention in men Read More

Vaccine Debate Pros and Cons

Posted on 10th May 2024

Should vaccine pros and cons be a subject of debate? I last wrote a blog on Vaccines back in August 2022 after reading a book by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk, titled Dissolving Illusions, Disease Vaccines and the Forgotten History. That blog and this are mostly about vaccines, but I touch on homeopathy at the Read More


Posted on 23rd April 2024

Are there homeopathic remedies that can help hay fever sufferers? Indeed there are. If you follow this blog you will know that Classical Homeopathy follows the ‘law of similars’. Simply put this means that the characteristics of the ailment as experienced by the patient must match the ‘picture’ of the homeopathic medicine / remedy. Several Read More

Homeopathy and Christianity – Alpha and Omega

Posted on 11th April 2024

Some time back, I wrote a short blog on the topic of Homeopathy and Christianity. It seemed to generate some interest and I return to the topic. In a journal I edit, a retired GP reminisced about his career as a GP in Surrey. The wonderfully initialed Dr R.A.F. Jack introduced him to Homeopathic Medicine Read More


Posted on 28th March 2024

Are there homeopathic remedies for a sore throat? Indeed there are. If you follow this blog you will know that Classical Homeopathy follows the ‘law of similars’. Simply put this means that the characteristics of the ailment as experienced by the patient must match the ‘picture’ of the remedy (homeopathic medicine). Many homeopathic remedies have Read More

Homeopathy in Kolkata (Calcutta, India)

Posted on 12th March 2024

Homeopathy in Kolkata is for many the home of Classical Homeopathy. In January I had the privilige to attend a course run at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute in Kolkata (Calcutta). Some 18% of the world’s population live in India – about 1.5 billion. Although there are many poor people it is a fast developing Read More

Belladonna – A Homeopathic Remedy For Fever

Posted on 22nd February 2024

This short article considers first aid with ‘Belladonna’ a homeopathic remedy for fever (and more). This is a remedy commonly found in homeopathic first aid kits available from pharmacies such as Ainsworths and Helios Please read my initial article in this series, if you have not already done so The homeopathic remedy Belladonna originates from the plant of the same Read More

Apis – Homeopathic Remedy

Posted on 6th February 2024

The genus name for the honeybee is Apis Mellifera. Apis is a useful homeopathic remedy and this blog is the next in the series of first aid remedies for the family. The origin of this remedy is the venon of the honeybee. As we will see the guiding symptoms will be familiar to anyone who Read More


Posted on 21st January 2024

I wrote about the Allium Cepa (the onion) Homeopathy back in 2021 from a slightly different angle. Here, as part of an ongoing series, I consider the remedy from a first aid perspective. The origin of the remedy is of course the common oinion. I am sure that you have chopped up some onions and Read More

Homeopathy for Cough

Posted on 8th January 2024

Can homeopathy help with a cough? Yes it can. If you follow this blog you will know that Classical Homeopathy follows the ‘law of similars’. Simply put this means that the characteristics of the ailment and the remedy must match. Unfortunately many homeopathic remedies have a cough ‘picture’. Fortunately, however, there is considerable overlap between Read More

First Aid with Homeopathic ‘Aconite Napellus’

Posted on 22nd December 2023

This short article considers first aid with homeopathic ‘Aconite Napellus’, usually just known as the remedy ‘Aconite’. This is a remedy commonly found in homeopathic first aid kits available from pharmacies such as Ainsworths and Helios Please read my initial article in this series, if you have not already done so Homeopathic Principles – a Read More

Family Care with Homeopathy

Posted on 8th December 2023

Introduction to Homeopathic First Aid You can care for your family with some basic homeopathy and a homeopathic first aid kit. Starting mid month I am going to share with you the key characteristics of the homeopathic remedies typically found in a first aid kit.  Some homeopathic pharmacies sell first aid kits. In the photo Read More

Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Posted on 16th November 2023

In the past I have shared with you the value in having a small homeopathic first aid kit. Our late Queen carried one. Such a kit is useful for all sorts of ailments.  Over the next few weeks – around mid month – I plan to share with you some of the most commonly used Read More

Skin Disease and Homeopathy

Posted on 3rd November 2023

I have before me a book by the late Dr Jan de Vries, titled ‘Skin Diseases’ first published in 1992. He regularly used homeopathy in the treatment of skin disease. Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash Jan de Vries was born in the Netherlands, enduring the hardships of Nazi occupation as a child.  He trained Read More

Homeopathy and Mental Health

Posted on 19th October 2023

I happen to be a school governor, and on occasion I have to sit on a panel considering whether or not to exclude a child from school for behavioural reasons.  Those meetings always get me thinking of homeopathy and mental health. Without going into inappropriate detail, I recall one case where the child concerned was Read More

Boosting Immunity In Elderly People

Posted on 5th October 2023

September and October is the time of year when the NHS thinks about boosting immunity in elderly people, ahead of the long winter days, here in Dibden Purlieu, near Southampton, UK. Traditionally, this involves the winter ‘flu jab’ … and in recent years, the ‘COVID booster jab’ too. We are enjoying an Indian summer but Read More

What is the difference between Fit and Healthy?

Posted on 8th September 2023

What is the difference between fit and healthy? What do we mean by these words? And what is disease? These words are the subject of this blog. The homeopathic approach to good health is rather different from that found in most GP surgeries today.  It is not a quick fix, but it works at a Read More

Homeopathy and Christianity

Posted on 7th August 2023

That Homeopathy and Christianity are incompatible, as I have occasionally heard, rather puzzles me. I say this a Church attendee throughout most of my life.  This view is slightly strange as I recall that the family doctor of my childhood in Glasgow – a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy – had an open Bible Read More

Homeopathy Solutions for Joint and Muscle Pain

Posted on 4th July 2023

© Can Stock Photo / leonido Homeopathy Solutions for Joint and Muscle Pain – The Hippy Shakes Homeopathy can help with joint and muscle pain. With early intervention may save the surgeon’s knife. Now, there is no denying the wonders of modern surgery and hip-joint replacement. This seems to have become almost a right of Read More

History of Homeopathic Medicine

Posted on 8th June 2023

This article is a reflection on the long history of homeopathic medicine, a medical system based with a rich history and profound philosophical basis Throwing Baby Out with the Bathwater – the hazard or either/or thinking Back to the future? The rich history of homeopathic medicine is interesting. It seems to me that we are Read More

Prince (now King) Charles and Homeopathy

Posted on 9th May 2023

Homeopathy a Royal History Prince (now King) Charles has long been a supporter of Homeopathy and his mother and grandmother before him. If you live in the United Kingdom you could hardly have missed the Coronation of King Charles III, even if you so wished. Prince Charles on Harmony Whatever your views on monachy, few Read More

Can Homeopathy Help Anxiety and Depression?

Posted on 5th April 2023

Can Homeopathy help anxiety and depression? That is the question. We can all have a bit of a wobble. This can be for any number of reasons: a consequence of some event in the past or anticipation of an event to come. The root cause may even reach back to an event in the distant Read More

Homeopathy for Tooth Nerve Pain

Posted on 8th March 2023

A more practical topic this month: homeopathy for tooth nerve pain or neuralgia My problem being a neuralgia, on the left side and lower jaw of my face. Tooth nerve pain was the likely cause. It didn’t improve my humour! And it got me out of bed at 3am for a few nights.. 🙁 This Read More

Memory of Water and Homeopathy

Posted on 13th February 2023

River of Life: Who or What Am I (or you for that matter) That water has memory is key to homeopathy and frontier science. When it comes to our physical body there are some remarkable statistics: (from Unfolding Consciousness by E. Bilimora, 2022, Shepherd-Walwyn Publishers) Added to that we are substantially water – roughly two Read More

Living Healthier and Longer

Posted on 8th January 2023

I heard someone on the radio saying that we are living healthier and longer lives than ever before. In fact it is a mantra that is often stated. We take such a statement at face value because it seems to make sense, after all the average lifespan in the UK is just north of 80 Read More

Homeopathic and Allopathic Medicine

Posted on 8th December 2022

Three string violin This blog argues that both allopathic and homeopathic medicine have a place in medicine today. I am not a musician, but I am told that a good violinist can – within limits – continue to play on three strings should the fourth break. The words of the song “three wheels on my Read More

Benefits of Homeopathy – Lest We Forget 2

Posted on 7th November 2022

This blog is about remembering the past and specifically the benefits of homeopathy. The thing is we do forget. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is soon upon us and it serves indeed as a reminder of past conflicts. But I suspect for most youngsters the two world wars might Read More

Vaccine Immunity versus Natural Immunity to Covid

Posted on 6th October 2022

Chasing Clouds? This week a letter came through the door from the NHS inviting me for a Covid booster jab. I still await guidance on building natural immunity to Covid. Having all become armchair epidemioligists / virologists in the last few years, I find this approach fascinating. By now we all know how much of Read More

Homeopathy is not Placebo

Posted on 12th September 2022

Homeopathy’s Nemesis The meaning of the word is ‘the agent of something’s down fall’ and this blog considers whether homeopathy is or is not a placebo. Emeritus Professor Edzard Ernst, who prior to his retirement was chair of the Department of Complementary Medicine at Exeter University, took a rather negative stance on complementary medicine and Read More

Homeopathy and Vaccines

Posted on 11th August 2022

My wife and I just spent a week touring the Western Isles.  I didn’t take this photo as a  substitute for a tree (its a blowy place in winter and the soil is shallow, so trees are few) but it got me thinking about power and the messages we receive. Holidays give you time to Read More

Homeopathy and Nutrition part 2

Posted on 7th July 2022

The lure of the sea – all the colours I was rather struck by these colourful beach huts (and the price of them!) which brings me to write again about Homeopathy and nutrition. Last week I was in Chelmsford to attend the Allen College of Homeopathy Summer Conference to learn from a master prescriber, Dr Read More

Homeopathy and Nutrition part 1

Posted on 8th June 2022

Garden of Many Colours..Food too! This year has been particularly good for azaleas and rhododendrons. The photos here were taken in Inchmarlo near Aberdeen just a few weeks ago. Exbury gardens locally are a similar example. Foods of many colours = foods of many nutrients The colours brought to mind advice for an anti-inflammatory diet Read More

Pharma Drugs in Rivers – Could Homeopathy Help?

Posted on 11th May 2022

It was concerning to read about the quantity of pharma drugs in rivers today. This article considers the consequences and alternatives. Pharma Drugs in Rivers – Time to Clean-up? Back in February The Week published the following short article: Pharmaceutical pollution is contaminating the rivers on every continent, a major study has shown. Scientists at Read More

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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