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Posted on 21st January 2024

I wrote about the Allium Cepa (the onion) Homeopathy back in 2021 from a slightly different angle. Here, as part of an ongoing series, I consider the remedy from a first aid perspective. The origin of the remedy is of course the common oinion. I am sure that you have chopped up some onions and so you know the effect.

Allium Cepa (the onion) as a homeopathic remedy
Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

Homeopathic Principles – a quick recap

Classical homeopathy prescribing follows the natural law of similars.  

This means that you select the remedy by matching its picture to the symptoms of the patient.

Every homeopathic remedy has both mental / emotional and physical characteristics.

The patient will not exhibit every characteristic of the remedy.  Just capture the general theme.

Three Legged Stool

Try to establish three out of the following four:

  • the underlying cause
  • the nature of the presenting symptoms
  • things that make the symptoms better or worse (e.g. hot drinks or cold)
  • any wider change in the symptoms of the patient, even if apparently unrelated


This remedy is of plant origin.  It is, as I have said, the common onion. 

Allium Cepa Homeopathy First Aid Uses:

This is a remedy for upper respiratory tract infections or allergies which primarily affect the eyes and nose, but can extend into the ears and throat.  It is also a remedy of value in seasonal hay fever (Roger Morrison MD – Doctor / Homeopath in the USA – says it cures up to 30% of cases for a season, but permanent cure requires deeper acting remedies)

The Picture:

  • discharge from the nose which is profuse, acrid and profuse
  • discharge from the eyes which is profuse and watery but bland (smarts as if from smoke)
  • there is sneezing
  • possibly headache
  • possibly cough with pain in the larynx
  • conjunctivitis

Better or worse:

  • Better in the open air and worse in stuffy rooms
  • Worse on the left side
  • Worse in the late afternoon or evening

Other points:

The patient may desire onions and – curiously – be averse to cucumber

Injudicious use of this remedy to suppress an inconvenient runny nose in the common cold risks driving the infection deeper (remember discharge is an aspect of the attempt of the body to cure).  So use this remedy when the symptoms are more severe

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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