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Boosting Immunity In Elderly People

Posted on 5th October 2023

Boosting Immunity in the elderly people.  Photo by Rudy Anderson - pixabay
photo credit: Rudy Anderson on Pixabay

September and October is the time of year when the NHS thinks about boosting immunity in elderly people, ahead of the long winter days, here in Dibden Purlieu, near Southampton, UK. Traditionally, this involves the winter ‘flu jab’ … and in recent years, the ‘COVID booster jab’ too.

We are enjoying an Indian summer but the days are getting shorter. Soon the weather will change and autumn and winter with its respiratory troubles will call. The saying ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases’ comes back to mind.

I happen to sing with a local choir and I note that there is still a certain anxiety stemming from the pandemic even although the symptom picture of the current Covid strain is becoming hard to distinguish from the common cold.

Homeopathy can help boost immunity and treat these seasonal ailments.

Boosting Immunity

Those of you with long memories may recall I wrote about boosting immunity back in January 2021, when I gave you some pointers for self-help measures you can use. Of course these tips don’t just apply to boosting immunity in the elderly, it is just that as we get older we are less resilient.

Vitamin D supplementation the ‘sunshine vitamin’ helps maintain immunity during the shorter periods of daylight through the winter. Vitamin C is also beneficial especially when fighting off infection, and a short course of the herbal remedy Echinacea can help too. Have all three in your ‘war-chest’!

For some the shorter days and decreasing amounts of sunlight and lead to low moods sometimes called SAD, Vitamin D can help here also.

If you do catch a ‘cold’ maybe think twice about taking paracetamol for any fever. Fever is the body’s natural response and supressing that will slow your recovery. It is better to stay home and rest, eat lightly and take plenty of fluids.

Needless to say, that way you will not spread things around!


Alongside the above, we do well to remember that each of us is different; indeed unique. Simply put we react differently to health challenges.

In the homeopathic consultation I consider your specific symptom picture and match it to the characteristics of the homeopathic remedy.

Never been well since

Whilst most seasonal complaints resolve with some self-care as mentioned above, but sometimes our recovery gets stuck. Should that happen I would encourage you to book a free discovery call, and see how homeopathy might get you back in tip-top shape.

And more..

Needless to say, homeopathy can help with many other ailments that come with age be they rheumatic, digestive, traumas emotional or physical and so on. For problems of longer standing homeopathy is not a quick fix, nor a pill for every ill, and it takes a little time to get results, but it is gentle healing that brings results with patience.

P.S. I also help young and middle age ones too.

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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