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The Peoples Vaccine Inquiry is a website containing the testimonies of a number of expert witnesses concerning the Covid Vaccines.

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Not something I might normally post, but I consider it important. Especially as the mainstream media continue to deliver a upbeat message on vaccine efficacy.

The topic of vaccination is a minefield as I covered in an earlier blog. There are few absolutes; risk versus benefit is always a balance.

What is written below is taken from the website home page:

The People’s Vaccine Inquiry began with a group of experts who were called to submit Witness Statements in the Covid-19 Public Inquiry – Module 4 on Vaccines. As the Inquiry has postponed Module 4 until 2025, these professionals believed it was in the public interest to give immediate access to their expert testimony.

There has been a huge failure in public health over the past few years, which continues on. There appears to be an attempt to hide evidence from the public and we hope this website is a useful resource for the public and healthcare professionals to stay informed of the latest evidence surrounding the Covid vaccines and their rollout. 

Spring Covid Booster

Reflecting on these expert views aired in the Peoples Vaccine Inquiry, I was frankly surprised to learn of the recent spring Covid booster program for the over 75s, especially given the low incidence of respiratory ailments during the summer months (even at the height of the pandemic).

By way of a reminder below is a chart I pulled together at the end of 2021 using Our World In Data. Case numbers were not reported at the start of the pandemic, but you can assume a large peak in early 2020. Thus there were three main waves each over the winter period – the last shown (2021/22) being the Omicron strain. But summers were quiet.

Covid 19 and vaccine efficacy

My point is that the even in the first year of the pandemic the case numbers were very low in the summer period. Furthermore, given the mutation of the virus, the current strain is today relatively innoccuous.

It is a truism that the elderly are more vulnerable. But that applies to all things, from ilness to medicines to crossing the road.

Following a talk I gave recently (on Homeopathy not Covid) a lady spoke to me who had swollen fingers after her sixth (!) booster. Sensible? How many boosters are needed?

Another curiosity over past months has been acquaintences, who having coped perfectly well with the virus, then go an get a booster. By what logic does one assume that the vaccine improves on the innate immune system? The vaccines design always lags behind this shape-shifting virus. Well, it beats me.

Excess Deaths

Dr John Campbell and excess deaths post Covid

Dr John Campbell a nurse practitioner and educator has an excellent YouTube Channel. For some time he has shared his concern at the level of excess deaths compared to pre-pandemic averages. The number is around 10% in the UK. That there should be any excess mortality after a pandemic is counter intuitive. Here is his Vlog from a few days ago. He is not saying that these excess deaths are vaccine related – there could be various reasons – but they could be a factor. His frustration is that there is neither mention not discussion in the mainstream media.

Back to Risk

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I appreciate the witty writing of Dr Malcolm Kendrick. At the beginning of 2023 the wrote a very perceptive blog. His argument is that there was gross over reaction to the pandemic when cooler heads should have prevailed. 2020 was not a 1918 (my paternal grandfather and one daughter being a victim, by the way – at about 40 and 20 years of age, I estimate).

Hindsight is a great thing, of course, but there were early indications of the likely severity. The cruise ship The Diamond Princess provided data in February 2020 that turned out to be quite accurate for the pandemic overall (mortality rate of around 0.3% – to put this in context about 0.9 to 1.2% of the population dies each year).

Kendrick has a particular interest in heart disease, and in his books notes the consequences of stress on the heart. Unfortunately, assessing the societal impact of lockdowns and such like is rather more difficult than analysing Covid mortality (which is problematic in itself). Suffice to say that the consequences of the ‘cure’ may have been worse than the disease.

One can but speculate as whether the electorate’s view on the handling of the pandemic impacted on the recent election outcome.

Let’s hope that the Public Inquiry yields some lessons for the future.


Undeniable, is ‘Long Covid’. Though, post-viral sequalae are not unique to Covid. There is a concept in Homeopathy of ‘Never Well Since’ and whether diagnosed with ‘Long Covid’ or not, should you continue to carry some post infection symptoms, do consider homeopathic treatment. If you wish to discuss this further please book a discovery call from this website.

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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