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Memory of Water and Homeopathy

Posted on 13th February 2023

The Memory of Water is key to the understanding of Homeopathy

River of Life: Who or What Am I (or you for that matter)

That water has memory is key to homeopathy and frontier science.

When it comes to our physical body there are some remarkable statistics:

  • it comprises some million, billion cells – far more than stars in the Milky Way;
  • of this cell population, 600 billion are dying and the same number are regenerating each day, which equals over 10 million cells per second;
  • and no matter how diverse, they act as one unity, one orchestra so to speak

(from Unfolding Consciousness by E. Bilimora, 2022, Shepherd-Walwyn Publishers)

Added to that we are substantially water – roughly two thirds by volume. Indeed over 99% of the cells in the human body are water. (the residual 1% of a million, billion is still quite a lot of other stuff!)

All of which says that we are like a river flowing through life. No moment in time is the same. Life is dynamic not static.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann and Vital Force

Back in November and December I introduced you to Dr Samuel Hahnemann who is credited with setting out the principles of Homeopathy in a small volume titled the Organon of Medicine. It ran to six editions and it is still in print. He died in 1843 at the age of eighty eight.

He was undoubtably a polymath: a translator (he knew a dozen or more languages), a chemist and a medical man.

Hahnemann certainly believed in a life giving or vital force, and so do I. Sooner or later we all experience the death of someone close to us and it is a remarkable fact that at the instant of death nothing really changes at the molecular level, but the conversation stops. What is going on?

Modern medical science is rather dismissive – in fact the nature of ‘life’ is barely mentioned. You might care to ask your doctor his or her views! I suspect you will get a more interesting answer from those working in palliative medicine.

Not so long ago the concept of a life force was taken for granted. As an aside, most Scots of my age will remember the TV adaptation of Neil Munro’s Para Handy, the wily captain of a coastal ship (steam ‘puffer’) named the ‘Vital Spark’. Those living on the islands on the west of Scotland were – and still are – in tune with their nature.

Vital Spark – very interesting, so what?

Hahnemann might have had a simple microscope but little more in the way of technology. He was however a skilled observer of his fellow man and a scientist ahead of his time.

It was in the half-century after his death that an understanding of the inner workings of the body developed (bacteriology, x-rays and so forth). And through the 20th century medical science brought even more sophisitation. To this day the focus is on the inner workings of the body.

However, Hahnemann saw things differently. His view was that disease is fundamentally a disturbance of the vital or life force. To quote him:

So it is the totality of symptoms, the outer image expressing the inner essence of the disease, i.e. of the disturbed vital force, that must be the main, even the only means by which the disease allows us to find the necessary remedy, the only one that can decide the appropriate choice.

Organon of Medicine, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (extract from aphorism 7)

When I speak of disease as a tuning or untuning of the human economy, far be it from me to attempt a metaphysical explanation of the the inner nature of disease in general or of any particular case of disease. I am merely pointing out that the diseases obviously are not and cannot be mechanical or chemical changes in the material substance of the body, that they do not depend on a material disease substance, but are an exclusively dynamic spirit-like untunement of life‘.

Organon of Medicine, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (footnote to aphorism 31)

Now I think it obvious that he was not talking about, say, a broken limb when there is clearly a mechanical cause. Rather, he says that in the absence of an obvious cause, your root of your illness is a vital force untuned.

So [he says] first remove any obvious cause (see January blog), and then bring the vital or life force back into balance (by homeopathic or other means).

Resonance – Love sick

Last week the composer Burt Bacharach died, who with lyricist Hal David penned ‘I’ll never fall in love again” – here is a verse that comes to mind:

What do you get when you kiss a guy?
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do, he’ll never phone ya
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again

My point is simply that how we resonate with another person has consequences; good and bad. This is a disturbance of the vital force.

In more general terms how we resonate with our environment can bring about ease or dis-ease.

In homeopathy there is a concept of NWBS (never been well since). Often that can be a traumatic life event.

New Science: Homeopathy and the Memory of Water?

Coming back to water and to quote the famous line from Coleridge’s The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner.

Hahnemann, nineteeth century, old hat. Look at the achievements of modern medical science. Maybe.


Dr Emoto understood the potential of water cristals to store memory - homeopathy uses this principle

The late Dr Masura Emoto in Japan did some interesting work on the affect of emotions on the crystalline structure of water. You can find many images on his legacy website here. Fascinating stuff.

Does this not suggest that our water full bodies do indeed resonate with our emotions? I think so.

Another scientist working on the properties of water is my near namesake and scientist Dr Gerald (Jerry) Pollack . He leads a team of researchers at the University of Washington

Smart guy. What a difference an ‘a’ makes! (Pollack/Pollock)

Water is a strange thing. A combination of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, it can dowse a fire. Yet as someone wryly observed, puting hydrogen and oxygen on a fire is – in contrast – not a good idea.

Back to Jerry Pollack, he and his team propose a fourth phase of water. The first three you know – liquid, solid (ice) and vapour (steam). The fourth is a liquid crystal like state which he terms EZ (‘ee-zee’ in US pronounciation) meaning Exclusion Zone. It does seem to act as a barrier, but there are wider discoveries.

Without going into detail, this fourth phase has properties that may have significant implications for health. You can get an idea here. Jerry Pollack concludes that EZ water is an energy store (battery) and energy delivery mechanism. Light in the infra-red spectrum (e.g. sun) is a key driver; one reason perhaps why we all feel better in the sunshire.

The potential of EZ water to store information through subtle changes in the lattice structure is an important area of current research. But information from where. I suggest it might be this enigma, the vital force.

Eastern Wisdom

Energy centres - homeopathy seeks to bring these into harmony

© Can Stock Photo / umnola

Ancient wisdom from India and beyond, has long recognised centres of energy in the body. You may be familiar with is chakra, especially if you practise yoga.

The seven principal chakras are shown in this picture and they run along the spine (though most images are from the front of the body).

The word chakra means a disc. Each is a vortex of energy relating to nerve centres in the body. They are invisible yet they can be sensed by some.

Systems of medicine such as Ayurvedic (India) and aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (e.g. acupuncture) seek to balance these centres and maintain a free flow of energy.

There is as yet no precise meaning of the word ‘energy’. We’re not talking about coal! Einstein showed that matter is energy (E=mc2) and cosmologists like Jude Currivan present a good case for ‘energy’ equating to ‘information’.

Memory of Water and Homeopathy: Many Threads, Old and New

From the above you can start to join the dots. We humans are mostly a column of water, nourished not just by food, but ‘informed’ by a type of energy; a life or vital force. This energy ‘informs’ may flow via the chakras. And the water of which we are made may receive and store this energy / information, rather in the manner of a software download.

Without the life or vital force we die. We are spiritual (immaterial) beings living a material existance for a while.

This is perhaps most apparent with the development of the foetus, which miraculously delivers a baby from the starting point of the simple division of a single dividing cell. In adulthood these same forces (call them what you will) repair our injuries and keep us healthy to the best of their abilities.

The flow of vital force when distrubed is dis-ease (two words). This disturbance may be transient and self-correcting. If not, in time physical symptoms may emerge.

Acupuncture seems to unblock pathways. Homeopathic medicines which are potentised ultra-dilutions (in water) are likely information carriers which act subtly on that water which is us.

Medicine today is focused on the biochemical. All well and good, but both emerging science and ancient wisdom suggest that there are other paths to healing.


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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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