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Homeopathy for Tooth Nerve Pain

Posted on 8th March 2023

A more practical topic this month: homeopathy for tooth nerve pain or neuralgia

Homeopathy can help with teeth pain - image of a decayed or damaged tooth
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My problem being a neuralgia, on the left side and lower jaw of my face. Tooth nerve pain was the likely cause.

It didn’t improve my humour! And it got me out of bed at 3am for a few nights.. 🙁

This blog explains the homeopathic approach to neuralgia.

Acute versus Chronic

Dr Samuel Hahnemann – of whom I have written before – set out the principles of homeopathy. He classified two types of disease (aphorism 72 of The Organon of Medicine).

  • “Those we call ‘acute’ are rapid disease processes of the abnormally untuned vital principle. They characteristically run their course and come to an end more or less quickly.”
  • “The others (‘chronic’) often unnoticed at the beginning, dynamically untune the living organism ….in such a way that the vital principle can offer only imperfect resistance…and the [living organism] becomes ever more untuned…”

The common coughs and colds sit with the first group, and such as arthritis or eczema – and much more besides – sit with the second.

The first we recover from without much intervention, the second we do not.

Shall I call the Dentist…or not?

To set the scene, here is a very funny sketch from the USA (Carol Burnett Show). Lest I risk censure – my dentist is highly competent!

So, I have this sensitive tooth and expect it to pass but it doesn’t. I have not had a filling for many a year, but have all too many from a misspent youth (remember “a Mars a day helps you work rest and play“…beware slick marketers!).

Alas it didn’t pass, so my kindly dentist fitted me into his busy day. Alas the visit was inconclusive were fine; even the x-ray. He gave me an antibiotic prescription on an “only if needed” basis.

The cardinal signs of inflammation are long known: warmth, redness, pain, and swelling or in the words of the Roman Aulus Cornelius Celsus (25 BCE – 75 CE) calor, rubor, dolor, and tumor.

At best I scored a shakey 2 out of 4.

So I didn’t take the antibiotics.

Tooth Nerve Pain or Neuralgia

I cannot say that I have had tooth nerve pain as intense before and I don’t commend it. Least of all because of disturbed nights.

It could have been much worst – there is a very painful condition known as trigeminal neuralgia where the pain is much more widespread.

In the ‘wee small hours’ I confess to taking an Aspirin something I have not done for many a year.

Homeopathy for Tooth Nerve Pain – the approach

Homeopaths classically work between two books: Repertory and Materia Medica (often computerised these days).

The Repertory give some pointers as to possible remedies and the Materia Medica detailed information on each remedy.

The selection of the most appropriate remedy is based on the Materia Medica. Here is one classic online example of the Materia Medica by William Boericke MD.

First, I did a simple repertorisation as shown below: symptoms on the left and possible remedies on the right.

A reporterisation in homeopathy for tooth pain.

Choices, choices..

I did not take Verbascum because I didn’t have it in my box.

The ‘picture’ of Causticum did not seem to fit – remember in homeopathy you match the picture of the remedy to the symptoms of the patient.

In the end I alternated Spigelia and Colocynthis.

Spigelia was perhaps the best choice. In a short description from Dr Andrew Lockie in his Family Guide to Homeopathy he writes “Neuralgia on left side of face, tearing pains, twitching muscles, noise makes symptoms worse, pressue makes them better”.

At any rate after a few days everything settled down.

Oh yea of little faith…

Might it have got better anyway? – quite possibly.

Had I taken the antibiotics, I would have said they worked! But I didn’t, rather I used homeopathy and self-prescribed on homeopathic principles.

All I can say is that Spigelia has a reputation in neuralgia of the facial nerve.

It boils down to a balance of probabilities.

So Spigelia worked – maybe! And I am glad the pain is gone.

But in the end the purpose of this short blog was to simpy share with you the homeopathic method in the management of an “acute”.

The clinical trial, I leave to others.

There is a part two to this story which you will find in another blog here


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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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