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Both I (AllanPollockHomeopathy) and The Society of Homeopaths take your rights to privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy sets out how your personal information is handled.

What personal information is needed?

In order to treat you, I shall ask you to provide certain information. This includes:

The above together with any remedy prescription details will be retained on file.

How is this personal information collected?

All the information collected is obtained directly from you during the consultation process.
with data protection legislation, you will be asked to give your consent to me retaining this personal information by signing a consent form.

How is this personal information used?

Your personal information is used solely to prescribe homeopathic remedies for your condition and where appropriate offer other advice pertinent to your health.

Your personal information is not shared

No personal information is shared with any third party without your express permission, save in discussion with supervision, or where required by law.

Virtual Consultations

To ensure confidentiality, please endeavour to speak from a private space. Consultations shall not be recorded without your prior agreement. Similarly, should you wish to record your consultation I respectfully ask that you first seek my agreement.

How long is your personal information retained?

Your personal information will be securely retained for seven* years after your last consultation and then securely destroyed. (*In the case of children for 7 years after their 18th birthday).

Maintaining accurate personal information

Please ensure that you provide up-to-date personal information and notify the me of any changes . Per data protection legislation, you have the right to inspect the personal information held on file.

How is your personal information stored?

Your personal data is held securely in a locked cabinet and electronically (password protected with virus protection and firewall security that is maintained up-to-date).

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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