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Homeopathy in the New Forest

Having experienced dry eye syndrome with redness & itching around the eyelids I decided to see if homeopathy treatment would help. I contacted Allan Pollock who after a very thorough professional consultation & follow up prescribed homeopathic
medicine which has completely eliminated my problem to which I am very grateful.”

How can I help?

Homeopathy at its core considers your vitality.  You may have no specific illness yet not feel so well; just “off colour”.  This is an early sign of loss of vitality, which homeopathy can help redress. 

Or, you may have a long term condition managed with orthodox treatment.  Here too homeopathy gently works to improve vitality and thereby enhance your innate potential to heal. 

In a consultation the homeopath wishes to understand your symptom picture on three levels: the mental; the emotional; and the physical.  

Homeopathic medicines act also on these three levels and so help both with psychological and physical ailments.  Grief, fears or anxiety are as amenable to treatment as skin, rheumatic, digestive or other issues.

The highest ideal of any therapy is to restore health, rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann (Aphorism 2, Organon of Medicine, translated Künzli J, 1989  Victor Gollanz Ltd.)

Homeopathy for all ages: man, woman or child.

Homeopathy is a very safe form of medicine for all age groups, male or female.  Children with their strong vitality often respond quickly.  

As we grow older our vitality decreases and as a consequence illness is more likely to develop and our ability to quickly “bounce back” reduces. 

Being in my sixties, I can sympathise, and consequently I take a particular interest in helping those in a similar age group.  My goal of course is to keep you healthier for longer.

“Health .. is the ability and potential to maintain the integrity of the organism in a changing environment. [Unlike fitness] it is.. difficult to prepare for – although you can anticipate some of the likely changes that will affect you, for example as you age.”

Dr David Owen (Principles and Practice of Homeopathy, 2015 Singing Dragon)

Homeopathy helps with a range of conditions

Homeopathy has a wide remit but the charity Homeopathy UK gives more information on its website about the benefits of homeopathic treatment for various conditions.

The vast majority of drugs described for illnesses such as arthritis, asthma, colitis, ulcers, heart disease, epilepsy, anxiety and depression … do not strike at the cause at all but merely offer… palliation, even if we disregard … the side effects…

Prof. George Vithoulkas (The Science of Homeopathy, 2009 5th Edition, International Academy of Classical Homeopathy)

How can I find out more?

As a first step, please book a FREE 30-minute discovery call. This will help us both to decide whether homeopathy is appropriate for you, and allow you to judge whether I am the right homeopath for you. Book discovery call. Alternatively email me at [email protected].

For details on cost please go to the Consultations page on this website.

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Disclaimer: I am a qualified professional homeopath and not a medical doctor. The NHS has many resources, and seeking the opinion of your GP is always of value.

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